January 12, 2013

Leadership Highlights, Day 2

What a great day!  Leadership was full of excitement with announcements galore!  Everything from a Dude set to Paper Pumpkin!  My goodness!   Above, you will see a picture of the stage.  It was very beautiful and Shelliesque.  Carmen is pictured with the new Paper Pumpkin kits, the "try it" kit and the "welcome kit."  Those kits are going to be a hit.  Bonnie Thurber introduced this new product and she was so fired up about it.  I'm excited to bring it home and share with all of the sistas!  Classes were great and our organized swap was a hit as well!  Enjoy my flower obsession photo!  Sarah

January 11, 2013

Leadership Highlights

We had a super opportunity yesterday as we packed bags and bags of product!  These sacks of product will be dontated to teachers in schools around the central Florida area.  Demonstrators stuffed plenty of bags today and we had a great time doing it!  We were able to write a quick note on the tag of each bag we packed.  I loved that!  Sarah

Leadership, Day One

Hello friends!  If anyone kmows what kind of flower/plant this is, let me know.  It's part of the 2004 flower obession.  This flower was a big deal at the time, I just had to take another shot.  Sure is unique!
Leadership is underway and we were able to check out product boards, swap and check out all of then items and product suites.  SU does such a nice job showcasing everything!  The card above was located at one of the product shares.  So cute!
One of the highlights of the day was our time spent at managers reception.  I met Marti there and we hung out at the event together.  We had a great time riding on rollercoasters and simulations rides in the Harry Potter themed park.  That simulation ride was amazing!  We were spoiled the entire evening with great food, some fun drinks (I brought some pumpkin juice back for Carmen, great bottle souvenir) and plenty of awesome stamping friends.  It was great to get to know Marti as we cruised around the park.  Thanks to Stampin' Up for this great experience.  Sarah

January 9, 2013

Hello from Leadership!

Hello everyone!  I am back!  The pictures above are from Leadership 2013!  We arrived today and are having a great time!  We walked all over the city in 80 degree weather which was awesome!  We went through the convention center, which is huge, and checked things out.  We ran into Shelli (but kept our cool).  We walked 5 miles and we could be tour guides, kid you not!  Tonight was low key as I played with my new camera.  Carmen and I went down memory lane as the last time we were here (in 2004) was Angie's first convention.  Boy has it changed!  It also dawned on me that this (bottom picture) area was where the flower photo obsession began!  My first flower photos were right here!  Too funny! It is so great to bring up the blog again.  It's been too long.  Tomorrow we begin in the morning but the main event is at noon.  So we may not blog until later in the evening.  We have swaps to get done too, shocker!  Check back often!  Great to be back!  Sarah