November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am currently cooking up a storm for our second Thanksgiving for my DHs side.  I'm excited since there will be plenty of stamping involved since my SIL (sista Becky) is a demo and her first workshop is Friday, wahoo!  She is busy busy!  The cards above were made by sista Kristine.  She was here for our first Thanksgiving on Thursday and she brought me a stack of cards that she had made for her Oct and Nov workshops.  I'll be sure to share them this week as I am ready to show off the Christmas stuff of course!  Other than that, it's been a busy month, whew!  My DH practically sawed his hand off about two weeks ago, (no not really of course, it was an accident at the hunting shack) so I've been busy with that, but the stitches are out, so now he can stamp too (he doesn't ordinarily, not that he will start now either)! At least he is on the mend.  Have a great Saturday everyone and see you soon!  Sera

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