August 2, 2009

Convention Memories #7 & 8

I promised 10 convention memories, and I was on the road yesterday & today (ten hours in the car) so I missed my post. However, below and above... we're having fun in Denver in 2007. Dream Big was an awesome year! If there is a Cheesecake factory within an hour, we're there. In fact we got there and Shelli and her family arrived moments later. We were good. We let them be. That was an odd evening for us since the 35W bridge went down shortly after this first picture below. It's been two years already! This was Kristine's first convention experience and she loved it as well. It was fun to sport our PJs on make and take night. We even got a picture with Thuril Bailey! I was so excited! In fact, for all of you sports fans out there... he was the one that told me that Kevin Garnett had been traded. He told me right after that photo. Crazy!

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